Opinions vary concerning the roots of Seferihisar, it is either Etruscan or Ionian.  One can trace the marks of Achaean, Carian, Ionian, Persian, Byzantian, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations especially at the ancient cities of Teos and Lebedus, at the island of Myonnesos, and the historical hammams ad madrasas.

In 2009 Seferihisar joined the Citta Slow movement that resists the dedifferentation of cities in today’s global world. The Citta Slow movement is a union of towns that emerged from the Slow Food movement against globalization overcoming localities, urban patterns and local lifestyles.

Seferihisar has met the criteria of this union with 182 members in 28 countries and become the first Citta Slow in Turkey. The eight Turkish towns that followed Seferihisar into the Citta Slow movement are Gökçeada, Akyaka, Taraklı, Yenipazar, Yalvaç, Vize, Perşembe and Halfeti.

Seferihisar Municipality goes by the motto of “Seferihisar holding on to its local characteristics” and has carried several projects with mayor Tunç Soyer. The use of local aromatic plants in landscaping, solar powered street lighting, village markets, Seferimarket, compost facilities and the construction of a solar power plant are among these projects.

Seferihisar Municipality has also been involved in the founding of Seferihisar Nature School. The research building of the Nature School has been restored by the municipality staff and financial support. The municipality collaborates with the Nature School for works that support local producers, sustain traditional production and protect nature. Seferihisar Natural Heritage and Organlı Karakoç Stream erosion combat applications are examples of these collaborative works.

Seferhisar Municipality constantly supports villagers and rural production. The village markets are exclusively for village farmers, products bought from wholesale halls are not admitted. The “Villages of the Future” movement initiated by nine villages in Seferihisar against the 2013 law that removes the legal entity status of villages has reached 1013 villages in a short period of time and the “İzmir Village Council” was founded in Seferihisar. Every year, a barter trade festival for seeds is held in Seferihisar to sustain local seeds and produce healthy crops. Two years ago this festival was held in Orhanlı.

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