Values of Seferihisar Nature School

The Nature School sees nature as thinking, writing, drafting entity. These thoughts are not inscribed in the form of ink stains on paper but as rivers flung upon the sea from mountains, in the harmony of millions of living beings, in the nuclei of atoms and in the eternity of the universe. The Nature School pursues a perusal and reproduction of nature without an intermediary. This is only possible through an understanding of the cyclical logic of nature. Ultimately, the human is nature itself.

The School challenges competition with noncompetition. It strives to re-spread volunteering, collaboration and sharing to replace competitive social relations based on overtaking one another. Essentially, the source of the havoc of nature and of the human as a part of it is the ravenous competition between people and the ambition to amplify one’s own wealth only.

Nature has rights inscribed upon leaves, riversides, cloud tracks; rights the violation of which will lead to destruction. The School believes that all beings are tied to one another in their right to live and that a “right” is an indivisible whole. The Nature School aspires to translate the right of nature into the human written language; for nature’s right is the basis of universal harmony for all including humans, other living beings and their environment.

The Nature School works towards learning, hearing, telling, remembering and living the ancient and living cultures that have borne he secrets of harmony with nature for thousands of years instead of the prevailing culture and way of thought that acts through a frantic growth code. It turns to the natural sources of joy present in life against the planet-destructing ways of entertainment and information dispersed from large centers and it lives, spreads, learns and teaches the culture of nature.

The Nature School is against all hierarchical, segregating, coercive, imposing, punitive and oppressive formations. It does not discriminate between any nationality, race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, language or faith; nor does it hold one above the other. The essence of The Nature School is the pursuit of unity in plurality and plurality in unity.

The Nature School, akin to wandering clouds, blowing winds and flowing rivers, like the wild animals watching them, birds and forests and deserts, is bound by boundlessness. Though founded in the Orhanlı Village of Seferihisar, Turkey, its work goes beyond borders; flourishes like the pollen riding the wind and fertilizing fruits to convey the culture of nature amidst all spaces and times. For the love of nature!

Photograph: © Seferihisar Nature School

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